Angelic Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that incorporates the highest healing energies of love within the Angelic realms and is open to all. It involves working hand in hand with the Ascended Master collective, Galactic Beings, Healing Angels and Archangels to support deep healing, energy rebalancing, personal development, conscious transformation and preparation for personal spiritual ascension.

During the Angelic Reiki healing treatment, the practitioner makes themselves an open vessel for the angelic healing to pass onto the recipient. The client remains fully clothed (seated or lying down) throughout the session and in a safe space with relaxing Reiki music to support the healing session. The practitioner channels Angelic healing by guided intuition, placing them over chakra and meridian points. The whole session can last up to an hour.

As heavenly beings are not restricted to time and space, Angelic Reiki is a complete modality that can be used to support self-healing, send healing to other people, places and situations near and far. The loving and beautiful spiritual beings in the Angelic multi-dimensions support in letting go of ancestral issues, physical, emotional and karmic ties throughout all generations and timelines. Crystals and flower essences can also be used to support client’s energetic healing during the sessions.

After sessions, clients feel deeply supported and cared for which promotes powerful transformation and healing on the mental, physical and spiritual levels raising energetic vibrations.

Angelic Reiki

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