Even though I am a masseur and I know about feet, I must confess I wasn’t ready for what came with Germaine Mbabi’s foot massage. Combining flowers, herbs, spices and creams and mixed in a very hot water recipient, I was transported and sent to experience places of my brain I didn’t even know I had. Sitting on a chair and literally screaming with delight I spent what seemed to be over an hour of bliss. Since my experience with Germaine’s foot massage I have been recommending her to all my friends and clients, pointing out “You don’t know what it is until you try”. 5 Stars, ten out of ten for an incredible experience.

The delightful and professional Germaine has a natural gift and intuitive touch. My shoulders melted away under her firm and precise touch. Her attention to detail re: my hands + achy arms; I’m 7 months pregnant and have been a busy bee but not taken enough time for me. I can’t wait to book again. This is more that a treat - it’s truly really deep treatment, something I need to incorporate regularly not only for my physical well-being but mental well-being too.
Thank you for restoring my calm, relaxing my body and bringing peace to my mind. Pressure just evaporated and I could have floated out of your treatment room. Thank you so much.

Lucy BayetNovember 2020

In the following review, I would really like to fully endorse Oluwaseum for the foot and hand massage I received in October.
I lead a very busy life and have a job that is quite demanding, so this really came at the right time for me. Oluwaseum knows her stuff. End of. Before she started, she gave an in depth explanation of the process, and the link between the physical, spiritual and emotional. Much of this included information that I knew nothing of previously. It was given in a way that a terrible biologist like me would understand.
The massage itself was excellent, if not the best one I have had in a long time. I have arthritis and, on the day, my feet and hands were swollen. However, once completed, my joints felt lighter. The massage was firm, but she checked to ensure that I wasn't in any great pain, though we must expect a little when we have a massage.
I have been to masseurs previously who did not always explain what they were doing, which on reflection left me feeling short changed. However, this was a totally different experience, and I would greatly recommend her services. You saw it here...this one will go very far.

LouiseOctober 2020

I had a wonderful head massage from Germaine with all the natural , fresh and seasonal products that smelt so nice . As someone whom has regular migraines the massage eased the tension in and around my forehead allowing me to relax sleep really well throughout the following week . Thank you Germaine for taking care of my most precious asset my thinking brain as a Hypnotherapist I need to have clear thoughts free from attention and stress in order to help others and you certainly provided me with a much needed self care routine that I will endeavour to maintain to enable me to embrace my overall wellbeing

AbiSeptember 2020

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